Practice what you Preach

I’ve had bloggers block for a while, but this weekend something changed. so this post is about learning to practice what you preach. Continue reading “Practice what you Preach”

Lost Time

Panic has hit!! I am in serious need of being back on track its 24 weeks and 2 days until the wedding therefore I need to get a move on with getting my waist size smaller! It’s not that I’ve stopped dieting, I haven’t, I’ve just had such a hectic social calendar this past month that I haven’t managed to have a full week on plan. I’m either 100% on it with the food but so much different things have come up that my fitness schedule has been left to the side and I just fit in here and there when I can. Or I’m 100% on track with my fitness but my food plan is out the window. I need to find the balance of doing both. Continue reading “Lost Time”

Fitness Bug – my tips

So I’m feeling a bit disheartened with my blog as I was asked to remove my last post about my final straw, as the lady I spoke about in it found out and wasn’t impressed. How anyone could figure out who it was about is beyond me as I didn’t mentioned the salon name, her name or the town I live in. I wasn’t about to do that, my blog wasn’t to name  and shame, I just wanted to share what made me finally flip my fitness switch on and start being more healthy. Therefore once she found out she asked me to remove it, which I did, to be polite. Continue reading “Fitness Bug – my tips”