Practice what you Preach

I’ve had bloggers block for a while, but this weekend something changed. so this post is about learning to practice what you preach. Continue reading “Practice what you Preach”

Ditching the Chocolate….

So today is day 28 out of 31 without chocolate. I decided to give up chocolate and go on a DECHOX for British Heart Foundation for the month of March. I am a self-confessed chocaholic. Seriously. There isn’t a day that would go buy that I wouldn’t eat chocolate. I mean like lots of it too. And I knew that it was bad. I was seriously addicted to it. I’d eat it slyly as to not let others know how bad I was. I felt really guilty about it. But I couldn’t help myself either. I’m sure that there are other people out there like this too. And I know how bad it is for my health, wellbeing, skin and mental health.2 Continue reading “Ditching the Chocolate….”

Lost Time

Panic has hit!! I am in serious need of being back on track its 24 weeks and 2 days until the wedding therefore I need to get a move on with getting my waist size smaller! It’s not that I’ve stopped dieting, I haven’t, I’ve just had such a hectic social calendar this past month that I haven’t managed to have a full week on plan. I’m either 100% on it with the food but so much different things have come up that my fitness schedule has been left to the side and I just fit in here and there when I can. Or I’m 100% on track with my fitness but my food plan is out the window. I need to find the balance of doing both. Continue reading “Lost Time”

Fitness Bug – my tips

So I’m feeling a bit disheartened with my blog as I was asked to remove my last post about my final straw, as the lady I spoke about in it found out and wasn’t impressed. How anyone could figure out who it was about is beyond me as I didn’t mentioned the salon name, her name or the town I live in. I wasn’t about to do that, my blog wasn’t to name  and shame, I just wanted to share what made me finally flip my fitness switch on and start being more healthy. Therefore once she found out she asked me to remove it, which I did, to be polite. Continue reading “Fitness Bug – my tips”