Practice what you Preach

I’ve had bloggers block for a while, but this weekend something changed. so this post is about learning to practice what you preach.

Over the past year, year and a half I have learned a lot about fitness and about exercising, I’ve been to the gym and lifted weights I never thought I could, I have built up my fitness levels massively and I do really enjoy going to the gym.

I have also learned a lot about calories, how calories work, in vs out, needing to be in a deficit to lose weight. I completely and totally understand how all of this works, yet I am about ½ a stone heavier than I was when I first started out my fitness journey.

I am not saying that I am anyway trained to explain this to people but I have had some friends ask me for some advice and point them in the right direction, to get to their goals. My husband being one of them has lost over 3 stone. However here I am in the same time and not looking or feeling any better. Yeah I am defiantly fitter but I want to feel it and look it.

This weekend I got myself in a bit of a “debate” I don’t want to go too much into what was said, but basically, I felt that I was being judged for understanding and explaining what I had learned, what I’ve spent my money on learning with visiting PTs and buying my gadgets, but to the others I look like I don’t “practice what I preach.” I felt as though I was being laughed at.

Like a 100 other times that I have had my “breaking point”

  • I cried (thankfully, not in front of the person whom I had, had the debate with),
  • then proceeded to order some chips to have once I had got home from the bar,
  • once I got home didn’t speak about it
  • next day decided enough was enough
  • changed my mind, we was going the cinema and I wasn’t going the cinema without ice cream
  • then decided again enough was enough
  • pondered over the debate the whole weekend
  • re-googled everything that I had spoken about, just to check I wasn’t wrong, I wasn’t

In the end I decided that I am going to make this weekend that has been full of ups and downs count. Yeah what was discussed in the bar did make me realise that I needed to change, I have the knowledge, but I don’t want to jump in without having a plan. So today is planning day and I hoped to not flop and fail. Let’s use what I have learned and paid for put to good use and “practice what I preach”

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