But in the end it will be worth everything!

This month is one of them months where you think WOW its March already, where has the time went. This month we are getting a new kitchen and it is such a stress just now but a worthwhile stress. We started ripping the old kitchen out ourselves on the 4th of March, today it’s the 14th and its not getting fitted until the 20th. Que one stressed out me. The new kitchen was delivered on the 8th and it is in my dining room. Everything from my dining room is in my living room along with my fridge and all the food and dishes from the kitchen… seriously my house doesn’t always looking like a show home, as much as I’d like it to, but I cannot deal with how untidy and hectic everything is. But in the end it will be worth everything!

That’s another thing, how do people keep their homes looking on point, keep their washing and ironing up to date, cook meals and meal prep, work out and work full time. I seriously struggle.

Anyway enough about my #firstworldproblems I truly am grateful of everything I have.

Hope to see you again


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