wedding bells – fitness and beauty

Hi again,

As I mentioned in my last blog I’m getting married this year 🙂 so part of the blog will be about the dramas and excitement of organising a wedding. I’m not going to get in to costs of weddings as costs are different in different parts of the UK. But I can tell you this everything costs more as soon as you say your booking somthing for a wedding. Everyone just sees ££ when you mention it from the venue to the people your buying your underware from for the big day. I have been getting my nails done since the start of the year just to make sure they are in good condition, something I wouldn’t normally do but it’s for the wedding.

But anyway what I really wanted to talk about today was the pressure us brides put on ourselves to look extra special on our big day. I’m always on a diet so to me this isn’t any different but I want my makeup to look so on point on my big day that skin care is very important to me. I’m not lucky enough to have beautiful clear skin but, it isn’t bad at all so I should be grateful for that.

Yesterday I went for my first microdermabrasion at a salon in Peterhead. My therapist is so lovely, she has been my beauty therapist on and off for a few years now and she done a brilliant job, this morning my skin felt very soft and I only had one breakout from the procedure, which I was really happy about. during the procedure you get your skin cleansed twice then she uses a machine that breaks down the top layer of your skin then uses suction to remove it, it isn’t the relaxing facial that you would usually get but it isnt painful like I had imaged. after that your get your skin cleared of any residue from the crystals that are used to breakdown the skin and then a calming mask is applied for 10 minuets removed and then a SPF 50 moisturizer applied. I am going to go back for a treatment each week for the next 6 weeks and then once every 5-6 weeks leading up to the wedding. So i will keep you posted on how i feel about it. i took some before and after photos but im going to keep them until my 6th treatment so we can see the difference.

I hope after having my 6 treatments I can help others with their decision on if this is something they want to do.

Speak soon

Racheey-Lou xx

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